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I was raised as a military kid so my family traveled all over. In a lot of ways, I think that experience allowed me to appreciate and understand people from every walk of life.

I went to school in New Mexico and and earned a bachelor's degree in Anthropology. While I loved the subject, the degree doesn't really prepare you for anything other than going on to get another degree! It proved to be a great background for library science.

I met my husband at the University of New Mexico, but we never dated. In the early 1970s, a person did not date the other people who lived in the same dorm. They were more like family. After I graduated, we realized that our connection was stronger than friendship and we got married.

When it finally dawned on me that I loved libraries and books and information, I went to the University of Southern California to get a Master of Science degree in Library Science. While in school I worked for Anaheim Public Library but we wanted to move back to the Southwest. We moved to the Dallas area and I worked for Irving Public Library and Mesquite Public Library before I was offered the opportunity to move to Austin. Who wouldn't want to live and work in the beautiful Hill Country of Central Texas? I worked for the Texas State Library for a little over nine years before moving over to Austin Public Library where I headed up the Youth Services Division. At age 55, I decided it was time to have more control over my schedule and flexibility in my projects so I started Larson Library Consulting, a catch-all company for my work as a trainer, consultant, and writer.

It's wonderful to spend my days working with librarians around the country but I also help other writers market their books to libraries. I'm honored to have been named Librarian of the Year by the Texas Library Association (1998) and to have received the Siddie Joe Johnson Award (2003), also from TLA for my work with library youth services.

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